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Word with the CEO: Why It's Vital to Support Retired Athletes

JR Smith


Why this matters

The Global Sport Institute has long been focused on the post-sport journey as a research topic within the world of sport, and our latest Digital Issue, "The Athlete's Journey," expands upon that work.

Monthly Issue The Athlete's Journey

Global Sport Institute CEO Kenneth Shropshire joins Digital Communications Specialist Brendon Kleen to set off the Institute's latest Digital Issue , "The Athlete's Journey," looking at athletes' lives as they move on from their playing careers. The pair discusses the importance of supporting athletes in this phase of their lives, why education is key to empowering them to succeed after they hang it up, and how the story of J.R. Smith returning to an HBCU illustrates the exciting possibilities of an athlete's journey.

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Monthly Issue

The Athlete's Journey

If you are what you repeatedly do, what happens when you stop doing it?

The athlete's journey outside of competition is not often covered in media, nor considered all that much by fans. It can, however, be core to athletes’ lived experiences, impacting decisions on where to play, which business opportunities to take, how to take care of their physical and mental health and more.